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Chile Peppers

Chile peppers have been the signature product of the ranch for over 30 years, the peak year growing 2,000 acres of Jalapeños.

Year round availability of  Jalapeño, Anaheim, Poblano, Sante Fe (yellow) and Serrano.



The world’s most popular chili pepper!  Harvested when green or red if allowed to ripen, they are usually about 2  to 4 inches long.

Underwood Ranches Chili Peppers


About a 6″ in length, is green in color, and has a mild to medium-hot flavor.  Great roasted and then added to salsa or egg dishes.



A beautiful dark green – sometimes almost looks black – chile that is approximately 4-5″ in length. These are the stuff that chili rellenos are made of.


Santa Fe

With their sweet flavor, mild heat, and vibrant yellow color, the Santa Fe pepper is a favorite in the American Southwest



Spicier than the jalapeño, the serrano is a small Mexican pepper with thick walls,  a great hot-salsa pepper!