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Underwood Ranches has been growing all types of beets for over 30 years, through variety trials, marketing and customer support, we have been able to establish ourselves as a premier grower of numerous varieties of beets. We take a great deal of credit for the commercialization of the Golden Beets. We started growing Golden beets in the early eighties, seed was only available through the Burpee Seed Catalogue for gardeners. Today we grow our own beet seed of all varieties to insure quality roots and consistent supply. While commercializing the Golden Beets, Candy Striped have also shared similar success.


October through June.


Baby/Large Bunch | Large Loose

  • Bunch Pack Size - 12/24
  • Bunch Cartons / Pallet - 56/49
  • Loose / 25lb Sacks / 90 Cartons/Pallet