sashimi bowl

1 pound assorted sushi-grade fish like tuna, salmon, albacore or yellowtail

8 ounces cooked white rice or seaweed noodles

2 cups Spring Mix

Half Daikon Radish sliced or grated

Quarter red onion Julienned

2 Tbs Masago

3 Drizzles Underwood Ranches Bibimbap

Drizzle Sesame Oil

Cook rice or seaweed noodles according to manufacturer directions set aside to cool. Cut fish into half inch pieces, slice or grate daikon radish then julienne red onion. To assemble lay down your base of rice or seaweed noodles, drizzle with sesame oil and top with lettuce. Next incorporate fish pieces, drizzle with Underwood Ranches Bibimbap Sauce, layer daikon radish and julienned red onion to finish garnish with Masago.