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The Pepper Project

Since 1987, Underwood Ranches, has produced the chilis that powered the Sriracha revolution. To us, chilis are not only a crop; they are our passion and the spice that gives our 150-year-old company life. From that fiery dedication, our Sriracha recipe was born.

Sriracha is 90% chili and rather than load our sauce with preservatives to kill the yeast and bacteria, we cook it to ensure a safer & tastier product. We also use fresh garlic, and just enough salt, vinegar and sugar to deliver the flavor we have all come to expect.  The final product is placed in a bottle and wrapped with the image of a Phoenix rising out of the flames to symbolize the resurgence of an incredibly unique sauce.

We hope you enjoy our Sriracha. You have our word that every ounce of sauce we ever produce will be made from chilies we grow in order to give you the very best product.

Thank for your support.