Underwood Ranches, a producer grower/shipper is most widely known
for pioneering baby vegetables, spring mix and other specialty vegetables.  It is a family farm located in Ventura County that grows a variety of produce for retail and food service customers, primarily jalapeno peppers, blueberries, baby bunched and large red, golden, and candy striped beets, baby carrots, fennel, artichokes, celery root, turnips, rutabagas, parsnips, and other specialty and commodity vegetables.

We have a long history of farming in the area going back to 1867, when the Mahans first settled in Camarillo. Lima beans were important in the early days to both sides of the family. Urban Underwood was a pioneer lemon grower but also planted an occasional crop of lettuce to satisfy the gambling spirit that is the nature of all farmers. Over the years the crops have transitioned from limas and walnuts, to carrots, pole tomatoes, fordhook limas and broccoli for the Oxnard Frozen Foods, cannery tomatoes for Hunts, and always fresh produce for the market. Today the farm grows red jalapenos for Huy Fong Foods and farms and ships fresh fruits and vegetables for retail and food service customers.

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